Making women powerful, attractive is my calling – Maryam Adamu

Making women powerful, attractive is my calling – Maryam Adamu ,Making women powerful, attractive is my calling – Maryam Adamu ,Making women powerful, attractive is my calling – Maryam Adamu

Northern Nigeria number one skincare therapist and one of the most successful in the country, Maryam Ali Adamu, Chief Executive Officer of Aljism Skincare Products and wife of Yusuf Gidado Idris, son of former Secretary to Government of the Federation during the General Sani Abacha regime has revealed her passion in life. In a recent interview with Potpourri she said her mission in life is to make women both beautiful and powerful.

On making women attractive, she said, “I believe no woman is unattractive as long as she has flawless skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body hence what a person consumes is equally as important as what they apply on their skin. I used to be troubled by skin problems like acne, spots, discolouration and sunburn. I decided to study skincare after my Masters in Law in England in order to find a solution to my own skin problems. Shortly after my two and a half years programme, I was able to start my own skincare line, using everything I learnt and it has been success story so far.”

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When she came back to Nigeria after her programme in England, family and friends encouraged her to help other people by producing and selling skincare products to make others equally flawless. She started producing and selling skincare products in November 2017. She has helped thousands of men and women clear their skin problems.

Today, she is the most successful skincare therapist in Northern Nigeria. Her brand, Aljism Skincare has become a household name. You can hardly bump into 10 northern women without at least 8 knowing Aljism Skincare Products and its CEO, Maryam Ali Adamu.

On making women powerful, the Yobe State-born entrepreneur believes women must shed the toga of merely being comfortable as housewives, sisters or daughters and take their stand among men to control their destinies.

According to her, the best way women can rise above mediocrity and pity is to support one another.

“Women have always been thought to compete with one another but I encourage the opposite. I believe collectively, women have a better and stronger impact in society. Due to the scarcity of women in business in the northern parts of Nigeria, the reality is raising one another up and encouraging and patronizing one another, is the greatest way to balance the equation.

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Women’s table has more strength when balanced by one another. Competing doesn’t allow growth rather it creates segregation. The stereotype of women not supporting women needs to be reversed. Women who support other women are more successful in business. Breaking the stereotype of women only serving as baby-making machines must become a thing of history,” she said.

Maryam Ali Adamu is a graduate of Business Administration and Law from the Coventry University, England. She’s from Yobe State. She is the daughter of Dr Ali Adamu (PhD) Standford and former Executive Secretary of the National Primary Education Commission during the General Sani Abacha regime and presently a business mogul into Oil and Gas.

She has also created a platform on Instagram where people are able to send her direct messages on how to become successful entrepreneurs. She has helped so many people grow and succeed in various businesses. She has impacted so many lives with both her skincare range and entrepreneurial knowledge.



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