I’m a skin-conscious person – Ehizogie Ogbebor

I’m a skin-conscious person – Ehizogie Ogbebor ,I’m a skin-conscious person – Ehizogie Ogbebor ,I’m a skin-conscious person – Ehizogie Ogbebor

I'm a skin-conscious person - Ehizogie Ogbebor

Edo State-born beautiful Ehizogie Ogbebor is a lady of many parts who has carved a niche for herself in the business of interior decor and hospitality.

The rich, the famous and the powerful crave for her products and services in the heart of Lekki, Lagos. At 35, she sits atop a multi million business empire known as Sayaveth Decor and Hotel. In this interview with Potpourri she talks about her new project, journey into luxury design and decor and what has kept her going.

What informed your going into interior decor and hospitality business?

I think interior decoration is a gift for me that I was blessed with by God . I remember long ago in Benin and I think I was 6 years old. We went for an end-of-the-year annual cultural dance at the Palace of the Oba of Benin. I remembered vividly that the Oba walked up to me with a couple of chiefs and said that my head is meant for a crown.

I never understood what that really meant but life experiences has showed me that I was blessed with a gift. I’m just happy that I realized it on time. I was doing insurance before but I was not really enjoying it.

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How did you come about your brand name “Sayaveth”?

Sayaveth is a name I saw one day when I was seated with my kids watching cartoons and at the end of the the cartoon, I saw the name Sayaveth and I was like that name sounds nice and I was in joint venture at the time about 10 years ago then I opted out based on the advice of my banker so I started Sayaveth.

Now, Sayaveth is a name that is known for luxury designs. When you talk about classic designs, classic decor and royal designs, the name Sayaveth comes to mind. At Sayaveth if you give me a house, I will turn it into a beautiful home.

How has the journey been so far and what has kept you going?

I never thought of giving up because it is something I really enjoy. Yes, we are making money but I love to walk into a space and when I come into a space I already almost know what I want to achieve for the entire space and space by space.

From the finishing to the furniture to the decor to the accessories. I also work with the mood of my clients, I need to study the mood of my clients to know what they may like.

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During the lockdown, you reached out financially to some of your followers to ease their pains, what informed that decision and any plan to own a foundation?

At some point I will own a foundation but my job for now won’t permit it. I don’t want to run a foundation without putting in my best, by the grace of God maybe in two years, I would own a foundation. Sometimes, my mom would say Ehizogie you can’t help the whole world but I know some day I hope I can help a lot of people.

Your 35th birthday is coming up on 15th of June; how do you intend to celebrate it?

Yeah, I’m going to celebrate with my family. I will be clocking 35 so a lot of reflection. I think on that day, I will just be at home celebrating with my family and maybe celebrate it in the office with my team.

You are good looking and a powerful dresser, what informs your mode of dressing?

I used to dress according to my mood but lately I dress according to the job. When you are going to the site, you have to dress accordingly. I would I dress up to the occasion but I’m a very skin-conscious person.



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