Gospel of love according to Charly Boy

Gospel of love according to Charly Boy ,Gospel of love according to Charly Boy ,Gospel of love according to Charly Boy

Gospel of love according to Charly Boy

Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, simply known as Charly Boy is known for a number of things; his alternative lifestyle, media productions and political activism. Not once has the Area Fada tried to pass himself off as a love coach or relationship expert like he did recently through a video posted on social media.

Perhaps, being married for 41 one years is enough credential as he said in the video and he was as solemn and priestly about it as a bishop at a mass. Going by his 41 years experience of loving one woman, Lady Diane, he reeled out his opinion on love and relationship, and what it takes to keep a relationship going.

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“Even as I have married for 41 years, I will say that I don’t know what love is, do you?,” he began sardonically.

“ However, I do know about commitment. For me, love can’t guarantee the success of a relationship. Love can’t make you stick to one person all year round, no, and cheating isn’t always a product of not loving your partner. In fact loving someone doesn’t guarantee not falling in love with another person.

I have seen more beautiful women, romantic, sexy, curvy women for the past 41 years. In those times, love did not help me, self-control did. Commitment kept me going. No matter how you feel for someone else the person you are committed to should rank first in your life . Discipline yourself. Building a relationship is hard, is like building a career, a reputation,” he said.

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Adding, “In marriages that enjoy longevity, you will find determination and commitment at the core. Yeah, everybody falls in love, it takes little or nothing to do that but building a relationship is for only the strong and the committed. That’s it why we must find that one person to commit to.”

The maverick entertainer married his wife, Lady Diane in 1979 and reaffirmed his vow in a second marriage last year. But before Lady Diane, the singer/songwriter married one Stella at the age of 19 in 1974. Charly Boy said the marriage didn’t last because he was too young then and was being forced by his mother into it. However, reports have it, that he has nine children from different women with 16 grandchildren.



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