BMR music boss, Ndubisi George, shares growing up experience

BMR music boss, Ndubisi George, shares growing up experience ,BMR music boss, Ndubisi George, shares growing up experience ,BMR music boss, Ndubisi George, shares growing up experience

BMR music boss, Ndubisi George, shares growing up experience

A rising Nigeria music entrepreneur, Ndibisi George, popularity known as Flexible Dynamic, has encouraged youthful and creative Nigerians to invest their talents in the entertainment industry.

George, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blow Money Records (BMR), said though he may be seen as someone with a huge interest in the music business, which has today earned him fame, but looking back, he said that wasn’t the starting point.

So, what was growing up like for George, the Next Generation music executive? Ndubisi George, who is the first son of a humble family, said he grew up from the rough streets of Egbeda, Lagos State while living in a ‘face me I face you’ compound.

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His parents, he said, singlehandedly trained him and his siblings sent them to the best schools around and made sure they had a good life and lacked nothing essential.

“I remember how my dad brought us up, with so much aplomb, he never made us feel poor. It was natural, the environment we grew up in was the normal ghetto, I still recall hawking to feed us, my childhood was a little bit rough, though it was fun.

In all aspects of his life, George also recalled the good times, reliving the best moments of his growing up, as he gave gratitude to God for his kindness and favour which has brought him thus far.

On his choice of career and his family and friend’s reactions, especially if he got the initial support, George explained that he had never been one to depend on people or in want of support.

However, he said, his family supported him emotionally and morally, likewise his friends.

He said his family would often remain mute at home when he is going street jams and following talents to vocal studios and that helped him to choose his path.

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Speaking on his role models who inspired him, he listed the prominent Olamide Baddo, the celebrated Nigerian rapper, record label owner of YBNL, also the house of talents which has given birth to multi stars, and arguably Nigeria’s biggest rapper.

He also mentioned Don Jazzy, a music mogul, business tycoon, and fashionista, as one of his role models and powerful man that inspired the “Flexy Dynamic” brand.

With the current demand for the music business, Nigerian industry involvement in the development of the economy, George believes that his record label “Dynamic”  is going to be one of the best entertainment outfits is with loads of services to deliver to the entertainment industry.



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