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Hours after Abaribe carpets Buhari, #BuhariResignNow, #BuhariMustGo trend on social media

Hours after Abaribe carpets Buhari, #BuhariResignNow, #BuhariMustGo trend on social media ,Hours after Abaribe carpets Buhari, #BuhariResignNow, #BuhariMustGo trend on social media ,Hours after Abaribe carpets Buhari, #BuhariResignNow, #BuhariMustGo trend on social media
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President Muhammadu Buhari

By Nwafor Sunday

Barely twenty four hours, the senator representing Abia South constituency in the National Assembly, Enyinnaya Abaribe, criticized President Muhammadu Buhari’s modus operandi, some Nigerians have taken to the micro-blogging site, (Twitter), to throw their weights behind Abaribe who courageously asked Buhari to resign.

With the hash tag #BuhariResignNow, #BuhariMustGo, #ResignBuhari and BuhariResign, some Nigerians joined the outspoken Senator, saying that Mr President has exhausted his plans and therefore can no longer secure the country from bandits, boko haram, herdsmen and other insecurity issues affecting the growth and development of the country.

Abaribe who was irked by the level of incessant killings and unfortunate deaths of youths, pregnant women and children in the country, yesterday, furiously asked Buhari to resign from his office and allow someone who is capable of handling security issues to take the mantle of leadership.

Take a look at his statement below:

“We did not vote the IG of police, we did not vote the Chief of Staff, or other security chiefs, we voted the government of APC in 2015 and re-elected them in 2019 because they told us they have the key to security.

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“Today, the APC government has failed because people are being killed anyhow. If you want to deal with a matter, you first go to the head.

“We can go to the APC government and ask this government to resign. “And we want to tell the government that if it does not resign, we shall have no option than to go with stones to pursue it.”

Following is statement, some social media users tweet:

#BuhariResignI no 4a fact dat if I hit d Street wit a placard is either iam shot by 1of our rogue police or got picked up by DSS,so I’ve decided to waste all my data by tweeting #BuhariResignNow #BuhariResign #RESIGNBUHARI all day.. #BuhariResignNow #BuhariResign #RESIGNBUHARI

— #LALEYI (@superstar_knas) January 30, 2020

Before This Government Came on Power, we were only battling Boko Haram. Years after, under his nose, we now have BH, ISWAP, Bandits, cattle rustlers.

They #CHANGE Nigeria to #NEXTLEVEL disaster Nation.#BuhariResign #BuhariResignNow #buhariout Nigerians pic.twitter.com/RzyyTUC6LA

— Dejay Yella (@DejayYella) January 30, 2020

Why putting dis up? D blind amongst us knws dat Buhari is incompetent & has 2 #BuhariResignNow Thank God d poll has said it all. By now, 89% has rated him poor so what is he still doing in Aso rock. He shld be #buhariout by nw so that Nigerians can tk in fresh air. #Buharimustgo

— lilyuch (@pharmlilyuc) January 30, 2020

Photo [email protected] should resign what goes around comes around#BuhariResignNow #buhariout #Buharimustgo #Buhari pic.twitter.com/CN4xuWFHiV

— ENGINEER PRINCE CHISCO (@iam_Chisco1) January 30, 2020

Dear @elrufai, even if this your tweet was in 2012, it has confirmed that @SenatorAbaribe has the right to ask your @MBuhari to resign. #BuhariResignNow pic.twitter.com/Gr2C3UP5Jb

— GOD’S SPOKESMAN 🇮🇱🇺🇸 (@Ogbadoyi1) January 30, 2020

I pray you taste the wrath and impunity of the armed bandits and boko haram marauders.

Maybe then, you will have a glimpse of what the common man suffers#BuhariResignNow #Buharimustgo #buhariout #Buhari

— Ayo Isola (@IsolaOluwaseun1) January 30, 2020

Karma: Buhari ill Statement Against Jonathan Bounced Back 7Years Later. https://t.co/QWVj3ztVBm #jonathanfuentes #goodluck #Jonathangoodluck#BuhariResign #buhariout #BuhariResignNow #Buhari

— Sani Michael Omakoji (@OMAKOGI1) January 30, 2020

You better look in the mirror for the foolish one. #Buharimustgo #buhariout #BuhariResignNow #APCout https://t.co/YXar42ovBM

— Suxezlency (@Aisiensuccess) January 30, 2020


U are too old to president Nigeria…. #BuhariResign #BuhariResignNow

— Honourable$ (@dayo__Williams) January 30, 2020

EMOTIONAL!!! SEN. ELISHA ABBO BEGS BUHARI TO LOOK INWARDS (VIDEO)https://t.co/5s42LEGpdA#Buharimustgo #buhariout #BuhariResignNow #Buhari Jonathan Abaribe #Federer #ThursdayMotivation #thursdaymorning Efcc Abacha Nnamdi Kanu

— SEE N TALK (@seentalkgist) January 30, 2020

Oga you are baseless and senseless, say the truth to your oga and advise him to resign. He is supposed to be serving the people, now we are saying we do nt want him again. Oga pack and go #BuhariResign #buhariout #BuhariResignNow #Buharimustgo #Buhari worst Nigeria president ever https://t.co/Xgp5ubNPbY

— Suxezlency (@Aisiensuccess) January 30, 2020

We would have taken you seriously had it been you listed the presidency achievements rather than point fingers….. #BuhariResignNow #clueless

— Rt Hon. Damilare🇳🇬🇳🇬 (@alltthebest) January 30, 2020

If Nigeria cannot defeat internal enemies how sure are we they’d be useful when faced with external threats? #BuhariResign#buhariout #BuhariResignNow #Buharimustgo pic.twitter.com/t7DZzqltGB

— AmotekunOfLagos (@WildCatOfLagos) January 30, 2020

Bros @MBuhari. Resign abeg. #BuhariResignNow #BuhariResign

— Mouchee (@Mouchee_) January 30, 2020

🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 There’s fire on the mountain run run run.

Useless party. #BuhariMustGo #SackBuhari #BuhariHasFailed #buhariResignNow https://t.co/vUhicywZcc

— Bebs 5% (Not by Affidavit) (@bebs730) January 30, 2020

Twitter is a funny place, the new trends are #BuhariResign #Buhariresignnow #Buharimustgo #buhariout etc

Call the people you sent to the federal house to order, tell them to start the impeachment process or you recall them, it’s as simple as that

— Roy Nsirim (@maestroroy) January 30, 2020


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