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EDO: How my house was bombed — Inegbeneki, APC chieftain

EDO: How my house was bombed — Inegbeneki, APC chieftain ,EDO: How my house was bombed — Inegbeneki, APC chieftain ,EDO: How my house was bombed — Inegbeneki, APC chieftain

By Ozioruva Aliu

CHIEF Francis Inegbeneki, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, is a founding member of the Edo Peoples Movement (EPM), which is at the forefront of opposition to Governor Godwin Obaseki’s second term bid. Inegbeneki speaks on the contentious issues. Excerpts:

Attack on house

I got the news of the attack on my house at about 3:30 am of February 1, 2020. I am still in shock, I am traumatized. My family members are traumatised because of the bombing of my residence. Frankly, this is the height of criminality. I condemn this act and the people who threw that improvised explosive device (IED) into my compound and their sponsors. I want to tell them that they have started a battle they cannot finish.

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Day of attack

My son was at home with his pregnant wife. Then they called that there was a loud bang in the house. I didn’t want to believe what I heard. They were at home at about the time when they heard a loud explosion. The security guard told me that he saw a white truck, that when he heard the sound of the vehicle, he opened his window and saw the truck in front of the next compound and, immediately, another person came out of the car to say “no, no be this one, not the next one”. So, they reversed and came to my place. The security guard said he was watching them from his window, he said they lifted something and threw it into the compound that made a little noise and then threw another one, which made a huge bang. Then, the people entered their truck and drove away. I told my son to go and report the incident to the police in the morning, which he did. We have reported to the police and the Department of State Services (DSS). My son told me that men of the bomb disposal unit came to the house to remove one IED that did not explode. Since then, my people, who are shaken by the incident, are still living in fear.

Crisis in party

Since this crisis started, I have not made any statement and the reason is that I was hoping that there will be a peaceful resolution. The crisis in Edo APC is not between Obaseki and Oshiomhole, No. Far from it! The crisis in Edo APC is between Governor Obaseki and members of the Edo Peoples Movement, EPM, of which I am a founding member. I am sure the governor just drew in the Comrade so that he can intervene.

Message to supporters

To members of my party in the state, I appeal to them to remain calm. After the rain comes sunshine; but to those persons who threw that IED into my compound and their sponsor, I want to repeat that this samba drum of war that they are beating, they should get ready when the lyrics of the sound and the music of that drum begin to dance to lyrics of the song.



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