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Cherish Enterprise Institute, Adamstart Foundation open new vista

Cherish Enterprise Institute, Adamstart Foundation open new vista ,Cherish Enterprise Institute, Adamstart Foundation open new vista ,Cherish Enterprise Institute, Adamstart Foundation open new vista

Sign MoU to boost inclusive enterprise education

Cherish Enterprise Institute, Adamstart Foundation open new vista

By Gabriel Ewepu – Abuja

A Nigerian based enterprise education firm, Cherish Enterprise Institute and a United Kingdom-based organization, Adamstart Foundation, weekend opened new vista by coming together to boost skill and entrepreneurial education in the country.

This was the signing of historic Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, between the two organizations, which the Founder of Cherish Enterprise Institute and former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Abba Ruma and Founder, Adamstart Foundation, Adams Bradford, respectively.

Speaking on the essence of the MoU, Ruma explained that there is no better time than now for the country, particularly policymakers to look inwards to key into the development of entrepreneurial skills of young Nigerians who are graduates or not, in a way to meaningfully impact on the economy.

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Cherish Foundation has five colleges; College of Business and Entrepreneurship Studies-vocational and enterprise training in terms of skills acquisition; College of Continuous Education and Welfare Lining-teacher education including po9st-graduate diploma, College of Health Science and Technology-for health officers; College of Nursing and Midwifery-professional and diploma certifications in nursing and midwifery education; and College of  Information and Communication Technology.

While Adamstart Foundation is a global project in over 100 countries and is being supported by the United Kingdom, the British Government, and Queens Foundation Trust. The Foundation is supporting in developing by creating a social support system in Third World Countries and disadvantaged communities all over the world.

He said: “Cherish Foundation established Cherish Enterprise Institute with five colleges with other of knowledge, the courage to establish a consultancy platform so that we can use our knowledge and others to drive a knowledge-driven programme.

“We have a retainership of about 1, 000 students, and we are hoping to graduate 350 at diploma and certificate progrmmes and them on premium skills. We are starting with a graduate programme of retooling with special focus on those who are graduates from the universities and they have no jobs.

“We are creating a special centre in Kastina different from our hub in Basari fully residential that would provide the retooling, reknitting and refitting programme and competitive IT-driven programmes that would provide the basis for the Nigerian graduates to be able to employ others.”

He further stated that “This is a school system but different from the average normal school system people are familiar with. We create inclusive enterprise education to cater for unserved and underserved and leveraging also on technology as a fast-track without quality while enhancing access and competitiveness.

“We are focusing on social entrepreneurship, training and capacity building for unemployed youth whether they have been to school or not; informal sector artisans who have not been to school at all and those that have been to the four walls of school system whether at basic level or tertiary level to university level and they have no job. The number is huge.

“We maybe not in position certainly to address the entire critical mass but what we have done is to create a hub on the basis of best practices we can produce master trainer that can go out to the field in different locations and begin to engage others into trainer of trainers until gradually this is reduced to the barest minimum.”

On prevailing insecurity issues in the country, he advised that “There is no way the insecurity situation can be addressed if you don’t commence the process of constructive engagement of youth whether those that have not been to school or those that have been to school into a number of areas of our population which is the resource, which is wealth and money itself to drive small and medium scale enterprises which they can be proud of that they will get engaged to minimize the insecurity and crime rate and make our democracy hope of the common man.”

Also speaking was the Founder of Adamstart Foundation, Adams Bradford, who disclosed that it was the first official visit by the Foundation to Africa, particularly Nigeria and signing of MoU with Cherish Enterprise Institute to add value to the lives of young people.

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Bradford also expressed joy and optimism to partner with Cherish Enterprise Institute under Adamstart Africa and said it will create the enabling environment to take care of extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa and will deploy all resources, relationships, and contacts to support the Institute.

“So what we are creating together is a system where people would be trained and not just trained in basic skills but high level, work professional-level skills they can take immediately to market without help.

“It is a Centre of Excellence for Nigeria, and particularly northern States that don’t get the right amount of attention, and they don’t get the positive attention they deserve from the media and international community. We are bringing that as well.

“In addition, we are making sure that when young people finish the programme they’ve got access to mentorship, training, resources and very best networks across the world we have at Adamstart and we have in Nigeria to making sure no one is left behind”, he said.



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